32Red Casino adds more Microgaming Slots

32Red Casino over the last few days added 4 brand new Microgaming Slots to the casino, the latest releases from Microgaming include titles such as Happy Holidays, Bullseye, Serenity and Stardust.

We managed to test them out yesterday and of the 4, our personal favourite this time round is Serenity although Happy Holidays is probably the perfect slot for Christmas time to be playing.

Rather than go into full detail because there are so many new titles we will give you a brief summary of what to expect on each slot.

It’s also worth noting that 32Red have just started their big Christmas push, that means there are lots and lots of different promotions including special double bonus offers on selected days, free spins and loads of other huge giveaways, definitely a good time to be checking out the new Microgaming slots.

Definitely log in to the casino and check back regularly during the month to find out what’s on offer each day.

Happy Holidays Slot

Happy Holidays is 243 way slot, which in the free spins mode expands into a 1024 way slot, the slot is visially heavily focused on a Christmas theme but under that it looks to play in a very similar style to Terminator 2, although we havent managed to find out whether the popular “Hot Mode” still exisits on this particular slot.

Bullseye Slot

For those too young to remember, Bullseye was a dare I say, “classic” UK TV show, so bad that is was actually great to watch, filled with puns, and terrible prizes, or great prizes that the contestants never won.

In the slot form they have captured all of those features, let’s hope they removed the terrible prizes, and lack of winning though.

The game has 2 separate bonus rounds, with Bully’s Prize Board and a Free Spins round, all set in the classic Bullseye theme and features some of the shows voiceovers too if you are old enough to remember them (like me..).

Serenity Slot

Serenity is a relaxed 15 liner, featuring 2 different bonus rounds, including a lantern pick me round, and a regular free spins round with a 3x Multiplier, the lantern feature seems to trigger fairly regularly when we played the slot, and there some decent rewards on offer especially for a 5 lantern trigger up to 500x.

The 5 of a kind symbols tend to pay quite a large amount so in the free spins at a 3x Multiplier is where you are looking to get the biggest wins from.

Star Dust Slot

Star Dust is the final new release from Microgaming and features a 40 line layout in the base game, players must collect the gems in order to trigger the free spins by landing a special symbol on reel 3, once enough gems are collected (over 10) the free spins then trigger.

At this point, the slot changes from a regular 40 liner into a 1024 way machine, with some interesting re-spin features active too on the small wins in the bonus round.