Casino Saga becomes Casino Heroes

Today players will find the casino formerly known as Casino Saga has been renamed to Casino Heroes, very little has altered at the casino, apart from of course a new logo and a brand new web address, all of the good stuff remains in place.

The reason for this change was down to some trademarking legal issues with the word “Saga” it would seem that the creators of Candy Crush Saga have decided to try and exert their muscle to force other companies away from any usage of the names “Candy” and “Saga”.

Rather than waste too much time, resources and money, the changes were made so that the newly named Casino Heroes team can concentrate their efforts on running a great online casino.

We have updated our links today so that you are directed to the brand new web address, old links will also currently forward you there, but remember to update your bookmarks for the future. There is also a brief pop-up announcement on logging in to the site informing of the changes.

Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes Welcome Bonus Package

The welcome Bonus package remains unchanged, new players registering at the casino can claim 10 free spins with no deposit required, and if you enjoy free spins then you are in for a treat as you can claim up to a further 250 free spins when making your first deposit.

There is a sliding scale of free spins available so depending on how much you deposit, this determines just how many free spins you will receive on your first deposit.

It’s also worth noting that as you level up your Avatar and journey through the unique casino journey (not saga!) you will also unlock stages to earn even more free spins, with boss fights included too!

Casino Heroes