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Flame of Fortune – New Big Bet slot from Barcrest

VideoSlots Casino has today added another brand new Big Bet slot from Barcrest titled Flame of Fortune, in it’s standard form this is 5×3 reel 10 payline slot, but there is much more additional functionality on offer from the various Big Bet options, and honestly if you are interested in playing this slot you most likely should be playing it on any of the Big Bet modes with a suitability big bankroll to match as this is slot is not cheap to play with the maximum big bet activated.

If you haven’t played any of the Big Bet series from Barcrest then definitely take it for a spin in play mode first, you basically pay a huge premium for a set number of spins, the bet per payline is actually quite low in comparison to the total money staked, for this premium the bonus rounds become much easier to trigger, along  boost to the slots overall RTP (Return to Player).

The Big Bet modes in Flames of Fortune have been raised to higher levels than lots of Barcrest’s previous releases, with a maximum Big Bet of 50.00 Credits, which activates the Super Wheels of Fate and 8 initial spins on this slot, a big bet of 30.00 credits will activate the regular Wheels of Fate with fewer of the best modes on offer (2 Wild Reels, 3 Golden Reels).

To trigger the main bonus round which is the Fortune Drop Game you must land 5 of the Golden Symbols  (1 on each reel), when using Big Bet mode you can instantly see that by starting with up to 3 Golden Reels your chances of triggering the bonus round on each spin is massively increased, and the Wild symbols or Wild Reels are actually Golden symbols by default too.

Flame of Fortune Slot Barcrest

Activating Big Bet Mode

To activate Big Bet Mode simply click on the icon marked BB, you can then adjust the total bet which will toggle between the regular Wheel of Fate and Super Wheel of Fate as you increase the bet.

You are then given a choice of a Red or Blue wheels to spin, both offer some nice rewards, with up to 3 Golden Reels, or 2 Wild Reels being the ones to hope for.

Once you have selected your colour the Wheel will spin and then play out your Big Bets spins with the extra feature active on the reels, in these spins you are looking for 5 of the special gold symbols landing on each of the 5 reels, which will then trigger the main Fortune Drop bonus round.

Flame of Fortune Slot Barcrest

Fortune Drop Bonus Round

The main Fortune Drop bonus is a 5×5 grid layout with a tumbling reels effect, wins are formed by landing identical symbols either horizontally or vertically in the grid, after the wins are awarded the winning symbols disappear from the grid and new symbols are added to the top of the grid, this process continues until no more winning combinations are formed.

Flame of Fortune Slot Barcrest

Flame of Fortune Exchange

Once this bonus round had finished you are then offered another Gamble Feature, initially there will be a series of cash rewards on offer, normally lower than you have probably already won in the bonus, but several will be changed into rewards such as – Extra Fortune Drops, Extra Fortune Drops with Wild Symbols, and Extra Fortune Drops with Multipliers, with some being a combination of all 3 of these options.

At this point, you can either cash out your winnings, or risk a spin of the final wheel in the hope of landing one of the Fortune Drops with extra wilds or multipliers on it.

Flame of Fortune Slot Barcrest

Overall Thoughts on Flame of Fortune Slot

Another interesting Big Bet slot from Barcrest with some new and interesting gamble features, but the maximum bet of 50.00 credits for all of the Big Bet functionality is alarmingly high, which will instantly put this slot out of reach of most slot players.

Given that the RTP (Return to Player) when playing in regular mode at less than 2.00 Credits per spins with optimal choices is 94.00% and this improves up to 98.00% with Big bet active there doesn’t seem to be much attraction in playing this slot in regular mode, certainly from my perspective.

If you have a Big Bankroll however and can afford to play this slot then definitely check it out!