GEMiX PlaynGO New Slot Release

Playn’Go continue their releases of new slots, this time we have GEMiX which is a very unique looking video slot, featuring a 7×7 grid and a cascading wins function, wins occur when 5 or more symbols are connected  horizontally and/or vertically, these are then removed and new symbols drop from the top of the reels, this will continue until no more wins are generated.

On the side of the slot is a crystal charge meter, all the wins generated during a round contribute to this filling up. Once the crystal charge meter is fully charged and the wins stop the charge effect is activated!

The charge effects have four different features, Chain Lightning, Light Beam, Crystal Warp and Nova Blast these have varying effects from swapping symbols for a different kind, explosions of symbols, clearing symbols. After the effect has gone off the charge meter is free to charge up again possibly creating additional wins!

Super Charged Wins

The game can become Super Charged. When the crystal charge meter is fully charged it is possible to supercharge the game by winning again with additional symbols.

If you manage to win on enough symbols and fully supercharge the crystal charge meter before there are no more wins following the effect during that round are multiplied by 3!

GEMiX Worlds

There are 3 worlds in GEMiX these are represented by a pattern on the grid, scoring wins on these particular tiles will highlight them, clearing a pattern activates the next pattern for the current world.

If you clear three patterns in a world, you reach the next world and you are awarded the World Bonus.

The World Bonus is increased based on your wins in that world before it is completed.

Wild Symbols

Each of the 3 worlds has a unique wild symbol that may appear on any non-winning game rounds.

Miner’s world: Wild symbols drop down from the top and land on different positions in the grid, replacing the regular symbols. Up to 10 wild symbols can appear.

Princess’ world: An edge symbol is picked to act as a starting point. The symbol is turned into a wild symbol. The wild symbol then spreads to adjacent symbols until it reaches one of the edge symbols of the grid.

Wizard’s world: Up to 8 sticky wilds can appear in different positions on the grid. The sticky wild symbols do not drop down when symbols below are removed and are also not removed when part of any winning combination. Sticky wilds stay for one game round or until Crystal Charge is triggered.

Gemix Playngo
Gemix Playngo
Gemix Playngo

Our Thoughts on GEMiX

GEMiX is an unusual game, and from our playtests seem to be a fairly low variance slot, meaning players should expect some decent playtime from it, the RTP (Return to Player) is set to 96.75%. Whilst there is always a nice possibility of some decent wins with Super Charged Winnings, if you are looking for something new to try we certainly recommend it, along with a lot of the other titles released by Play’nGO this year. If you want to test out the game for free you will find GEMiX available in free play mode along with all their other releases.

We know that Vera and John have recently added it to their casino along with a full back catalogue of Play’nGo slots for those wanting to play with real money! and you can test them out for free there also along with a massive list of other slots including the recently added titles from WMS gaming!