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Rizk Casino has been busy adding some great new slots to their casino, all of the recent Nextgen releases are now present in the casino including the recently released slot The Spin Lab as well as Holly Madison and in the last few days Gorilla Go Wild, which is a slot containing some unique progression style features, the more you play the more features unlock.

It’s also worth noting that Betspin has been busy refining their online casino, taking note of player feedback to increase usability and functionality, this has included filterable games by provider and volatility and more recently they have added a players wins tracker to the top section of the casino.

Gorilla Go Wild Slot

Gorilla Go Wild is a 25 line 5×3 reel layout, its worth noting that the minimum bet is actually 0.30, as you are paying per spin for all the extra features built into the slot. To the left of the reels is Gary the Gorilla, during play he can get hungry and starting eating the bananas, as he works his way through the row of bananas he can trigger “Bonus Time” the more bananas he’s eaten over your entire playtime the more regular this feature will activate.

Once all the bananas have been eaten he will progress to a new level (3 in total to visit)

The bonus time reward could simply be a cash reward (multiplied by bet size) or it can actually trigger the main free spins round too.

Triggering the bonus round is done with a regular 3 or more scatter trigger or Gary’s Bonus Time, when this is initially triggered the player is limited to 1 type of bonus round, as you progress further with repeat bonus rounds you will also unlock different options for the free spins (4 in total) with varying wild features including sticky wilds, multipliers and various other nice features.

Once the additional free spins features are unlocked players are able to choose which one to play on future bonus rounds.

It should be noted that the RTP (Return to Player) on this slot varies in a range of 92.06% to 96.512% so its probably worth unlocking all of the features and Gary’s Bonus Time on a lower bet before betting at Higher Limits (that would be my approach at least!)

Check out the screenshots below, then head over to Rizk to test out this great slot and the other excellent range of Nextgen Slots or if you want to know even more about this awesome slot then check out our slot focus on Gorilla Go Wild packed with even more info!

Gorilla Go Wild
Gorilla Go Wild
Gorilla Go Wild