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Lost Vegas Slot – new 243-way slot from Microgaming

Casumo Casino has just added the brand new Lost Vegas slot from Microgaming to their casino, set in the city of Las Vegas after a Zombie apocalypse has taken place.

The first initial choice the player must make when loading this slot is to choose to play as the Survivors or the Zombies, whilst in the base game this choice looks to be fairly cosmetic with the high symbols being altered in looks there are some big differences in the free spins bonus rounds depending on which side you have chosen, once the game has started you can swap between each of these modes by pressing the button at the top right of the slot.

In our playtests, we definitely had more volatile and potentially rewarding bonus rounds using the Zombie reel set, as always both could potentially reward big wins, but we think the zombie wild stacks infected reels offer a better chance of a big win.

Lost Vegas has taken elements from some previous Microgaming slots but this isn’t detrimental to the experience of playing this slot, for example, the Blackout Bonus is near identical to a feature that players will have seen on the Terminator 2 slot, but overall there is definitely an interesting mix of new features and great visual design that make this worth having a look at.

Lost Vegas uses a regular 5×3 reel set and uses the familiar 243-way pay line structure, during base gameplay, there are a couple of random features to look out for, the Zombie Fist of Cash can punch through the screen and award a random cash reward, and the Blackout Bonus rewards cash for every premium symbol visible on the reels if a Scatter symbol is visible this will also instantly trigger the free spins round.

The main excitement however occurs when you manage to triggers the free spins round either by landing 3 or more of the scatter symbols or by having at least 1 scatter symbol on the reels when a Blackout Bonus occurs.

Lost Vegas Slot Intro Screen - Zombies or Survivors
Lost Vegas Slot Free Spins Trigger
Lost Vegas Slot - Fist of Cash Feature
Lost Vegas Slot Blackout Bonus
Lost Vegas Slot Infected Free Spins Round

Lost Vegas Slot Bonus Rounds

There are 2 different free spins bonus rounds on offer in Lost Vegas, these are entirely dependent on which side you choose to play during the base game the Survivors or Zombies, so you will have a choice of either,

  • Survivors Free Spins with Stash Feature
  • Zombies Free Spins with Infection Feature

Survivors Free Spins with Stash Feature

During the Survivors free spins round when any of low paying symbols land on the reels (A, K, Q, J, 10) they reward a random cash amount and are stashed into a prize pool which is awarded when the bonus round ends, there is a tumbling reels effect that occurs after these are removed from the reels which will also pay any new wins created on the reels.

This bonus will continue until all of the low paying symbols are removed from the reels, obviously as more of the symbols are removed the chance for 5 of a kind high paying symbols increases, but note there is distinct lack of wild symbols during this feature so it can still be difficult to score multiple 5 of a kind wins.

Zombies Free Spins with Infection Feature

The Zombie free spins mode uses a totally different mechanic to the survivor round, the reel set is changed quite drastically and contains stacked versions of all the high paying symbols. during the bonus round when these stacked symbols land fully on a reel it will become infected and add additional wild symbol stacks to that reel, this can be easily seen with the red glowing outline on that reel.

During the bonus round when these stacked symbols land fully on a reel it will become infected and add additional wild symbol stacks to that reel, this can be easily seen with the red glowing outline on that reel.

The zombie free spins round can continue up to a maximum of 50 free spins or until all of the reels become infected and the bonus round ends, and things can get pretty exciting once a few of the reels become infected and stacked wild symbols land on the reels.

Overall thoughts on the Lost Vegas Slot

Overall this is a decent release from Microgaming, the graphics, sound, and the variety of new and varied free spins round definitely make it stand out over some of the previous Microgaming slots this year.

The biggest disappointment we had with Lost Vegas is the paytable, where the slot looks to be in the medium variance category, there is definitely potential in the Zombie Free Spins for some huge wins, but most likely the bonuses we had in out playtests were in the region of 20x to 75x with our best peaking at 200x with lots of stacked Zombie Elvis symbols and wilds.

Overall though we can’t criticise the slot too much and is a much better release from Microgaming and well worth a play (as Zombies!).