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Travel Deep Into the Guatemalan Jungle to Uncover Treasures of the Mega Masks Slot From Relax Gaming!

Rizk Casino has just added the latest Relax Gaming slot titled Mega Masks to their casino. It is an unusual temple jungle-themed slot featuring huge mega-sized symbols that can fill the entire reels during the bonus round.

The base gameplay uses a 5×5 reel set and 41 fixed paylines. Just underneath the reels, there is a Mega Bet feature that comes with 2 different levels that give you a nice head start during the free spins and increase the frequency of the Mega Symbols in the base game but does cost a premium to activate.

In our playtests, we tested this slot using Mega Bet level 2 as this option gives you the biggest head start during the free spins of unlocking all the reels and creating Mega symbols which are 5×5 in size!

The base game is fairly standard with one main base game feature (Mega Symbol Feature) that activates randomly with a rumble of the slot one or more reels combine to create at least 1 mega-sized symbol on the reels.

However, the main focus is triggering the free spins bonus round with 3 scatters, as this is where things can get really exciting, particularly if you have the Mega Bet feature activated.

In the free spins, fireflies can emerge and light up the reels to clear the artefacts on the vines. Once 5 have been cleared, the reels will merge along with awarding 2 extra free spins. This process can continue merging all 5 reels, creating huge mega-sized symbols that can cover the entire screen, unlocking this slot’s full potential.

With Mega Bet 2 activated, you are awarded 9 artefacts removed from the reels before the bonus round begins making it much easier to form mega-sized symbols.

Mega Masks Slot – Special Features

Mega Masks Slot - Technical Summary
Free SpinsYes
Re-Trigger Bonus RoundExtra Spins
Special Features

Free Spins
Mega Bet Feature
Mega Symbol Feature
RTP (Return To Player)96.21%-96.41%

Mega Masks Special Features

Mega Symbol Feature

Mega Masks Slot - Mega Symbol

The Mega Symbol Feature is activated randomly at the start of a spin in the base game, and this merges 2 or more reels together, creating Mega sized symbols on those reels and can merge up to all 5 reels together!

With the Mega Bet activated, this feature activates more frequently.

Mega Symbol Free Spins

Mega Masks Slot - Free Spins Bonus

The Free Spins are triggered when 3 scatters land in view on the reels and award 10 free spins.

During the free spins, randomly fireflies are launched to clear artefacts that are on the vines. Once a vine is cleared, +2 free spins are awarded, and the reels merge together.

All 5 reels can merge together, creating huge Mega sized symbols that cover the entire reel and guarantee wins!

  • Mega Bet Level 1 activated will remove 5 random artefacts when the feature is triggered.
  • Mega Bet Level 2 activated will remove 9 random artefacts when the feature is triggered.
Mega Masks Slot Review

Overall Opinions

The Mega Masks slot from Relax Gaming is another great release from them. The biggest selling point to this slot is the potential for creating Mega symbols as big as the entire reels, which basically means you are guaranteed big wins on every single free spin if you do manage to unlock this feature fully.

We used Mega Bet level 2 to give us the best head start during the free spins, with fireflies removing artefacts in our playtests. Most bonuses resulted in several reels merging, creating decent-sized mega symbols, with 1 bonus round unlocking fully (see screenshots above).

Wins from the bonus round ended up in the range of 10x up to 300x, but we are also basing that one Mega Bet 2 level stake which costs 50% extra than the regular stake, so plenty of potential for nice wins!

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