Mega Moolah Jackpot now over £13 Million and rising

The Mega Moolah Jackpot has just over the last couple of days reached another milestone, reaching an incredible £13 million and still rising on a daily basis, there has even been a winner over the last few months, but players from different countries may have to play in a different currency, as such if they do win the Mega Moolah they receive this amount in their own currency too, and it is taken off the Jackpot total.

This particular player won over 11 million in their own currency but only chipped away around £100,000 off the Jackpot total which at the rate it is currently rising at only took a few days to recover from.

32Red Casino has been running various promotions for players as a further incentive to try out any of the Mega Moolah slots, most notably players can OPT-IN by entering their username to automatically gain Double Loyalty Points with every single spin on any of the Mega Moolah Slots.

The full range of Mega Moolah slots available is as follows, Mega Moolah, Isis, Summertime, 5 Reel Drive and The Dark Knight. Just make sure with the titles such as Isis and 5 Reel drive to select the Mega moolah versions for a chance at winning any of the 4 Progressive Jackpots.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

When will the Mega Moolah be won?

There is literally no way of predicting when the Mega Jackpot is going to be won, we can only go by previous results for information on averages as a guide, but this will still not pinpoint when it’s going to be won, only suggest when it’s due or overdue to be won.

On average it has been 73 days between previous jackpots using all of the previous winning data, whether you actually now include the recent win in September which shaved only around £100,000 off the total is another point to consider too.

What we do know if though is that this current Jackpot total is a record breaker and will totally transform one person’s life when it finally does get won.