Mr Green Christmas Calendar Promotion

Mr Green Casino kicks its massive Christmas Calendar promotion today, to summarize what’s on offer players can claim up to 775 Bonus Spins and there’s £30,000 in Cash Prizes & 20 iPhone 6s to be won!, that’s a lot of prizes and free spins for December!

The entire promotion is spread over 5 weeks (technically 4 and a bit!), Week 1 kicks off today and registered players that have made a deposit in the last 12 months have  already made it onto Mr Green’s ‘Nice List’ and have free spins for the entire week, simply check the calendar over at Mr Green and find out which game to play and your free spins should already be there waiting!. If you haven’t qualified do not fear, you simply need to make deposit min £25 and you’ll be set for the following weeks worth of promotions.

Mr Green Casino

Christmas Calendar

The Schedule for the promotion is as follows,

  • Week 1: November 24th – November 30th
  • Week 2: December 1st – December 7th
  • Week 3: December 8th – December 14th
  • Week 4: December 15th – December 21st
  • Week 5: December 22nd, 23rd and 24th

Week 1 has started today, to qualify for Week 2 simply need to deposit £25 or more before the end of week 1, the same logic applies for the next weeks, i.e deposit before the end of week 2 to qualify for week 3’s free spins and so on.

Players will earn 15 free spins per day for any deposit amount in the range of £25 – £49, anyone depositing £50 or more will get 25 Bonus Spins every day for the week instead.

Want to UPGRADE from Tier 1 Bonus Spins to Tier 2? Bring your deposit total for the DAY over £50 and start receiving Tier 2 Bonus Spins from the following day. Simply restart the game to find your additional spins!

How to win an iPhone 6?

To be in with a chance of winning one of the twenty iPhone 6 prizes you need to make sure you register the email address you used for your Mr Green Casino account into the promotional box on the the Christmas Promotion Landing page. Then you are all set to be in with a chance of winning

Only players who have registered their email address on the Promotion main page are eligible for the iPhone prize draw

Cash Drops

Every Thursday y playing the selected game of the day you could also win you one of fifty Cash Prizes, ranging from £5 to £50 and if you’ve registered your email address for the iPhone 6 promo the festive Cash Drops could also reward you with an iPhone 6 (5 Phones will be given away each week for the first 4 weeks!)

Weekend Tournaments

If that wasn’t enough to keep you busy in December, Mr Green will be running some huge prize tournaments every weekend, the prize fund for each tournament is £5000 and will be split amongst the players at the top of the leaderboard as follows,

1st Prize: £2000, 2nd: £1500, 3rd: £500, 4th: £250, 5th: £250, 6th: £250, 7th: £125, 8th: £125