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Get No Deposit Free Spins at Shadow Bet Casino Playing Their New Ouroboros Slot!

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Shadow Bet Casino has recently launched an in-house developed slot titled Ouroboros where new players can earn No Deposit Free Spins before even registering at their casino, and new players can earn a variety rewards from playing this slot as they level up whilst playing at the casino.

Every few bets you place on their casino games will give you the opportunity to you activate their Ancient Ouroboros slot, from here you can win a variety of free spins rewards, coins (cash worth €1 per coin), reload bonuses and some super secret special prizes, once you have been awarded your prize you will also get to risk the reward with 50/50 gamble option, turning your 10 free spins into 20 as an example.

For new players, there is No Deposit required in order to play this slot for the first time, and you don’t even to sign up to the casino either (of course registration will be required for you to actually claim the reward!).

The Ouroboros slot is a simple 3 reel machine where the reels spin 1 at a time, you could simply receive a reward from the 1st reel or advance further to the 2nd reel were the prizes start to get better, with the 3rd reel containing the best rewards on offer (check the paytable for more information).

The Ouroboros Slot

3rd Reel Reached – 10 Free Spins Awarded

Ouroboros Slot Reels

Gamble Option – 50% Chance to Double the Reward

Ouroboros Slot Gamble Option

20 Free Spins Ready to Be Claimed

Ouroboros Slot 20 Free Spins Reward

  • Visit Shadow Bet Casino and load up the Ouroboros Slot.
  • No Deposit Required in order to play.
  • Activate the slot, spin the reels then choose to gamble or claim your reward.
  • Register in order to claim your prize.
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