Ooh Aah Dracula -Barcrest

SlotsMagic Casino had added a brand new slot this week to the casino, Ooh Aah Dracula is a fantastic new 10 liner from Barcrest (which now falls under the WMS range of slots). The slot features several unique features including two High Roller bet functions, Multiple free spins bonuses as well as a picking round Graveyard Bonus, Super Graveyard Bonus and Heart Attack Bonus for getting additional scatters.

In basic mode the slot plays like a regular 10 liner, landing three scatters grants you the free spins bonus round where 15 free spins are granted and a randomly selected symbol also becomes wild,

The heart attack bonus round gives you an additional spin to earn more scatters.

If you manage to land 4 scatters, then you will receive a second free spins round of 10 spins and 2 wild symbols.

If you manage to land 5 scatters, then you will receive a third free spins round of 5 spins and 3 wild symbols.

We have recorded a video showcasing a 5 scatter trigger, where we played through all three free spins bonus rounds so you can see just how this portion of the bonus round works, including the strategy indicator .

Built into the slot is a best strategy indicator, this will help guide the player on whether to continue with the next set of free spins or to collect their winnings, obviously in the video we should have stopped at round 2, and with real cash we would of!

Take note that this should only be used as a guide and the free spins are random so even what looks like could possibly be some amazing free spins (lots of good wild symbols) it may not be the case!

The slot has an RTP ranging from 96% – 99% when playing with the optimal strategy, to get maximum RTP you would have to play in High Roller Mode, and pick the free spins optimally.

High Roller Mode

There are two high roller modes built into this slot, and playing using this feature will grant either the Graveyard Bonus or the Super Graveyard Bonus after the free spins round has finished, with prizes in these ranging up to a 150x win!

Playing High Roller mode costs 30 times more but grants 5 spins into that price, for example a regular £1 spin would cost £30 (Granting 5 spins), effectively £6 spins! so definitely only activate this mode if you have the bankroll to play at such stakes! as the regular pays are still the same.

Check out the screenshot below for some additional information on Ooh Aah Dracula, its nice to see something a little more unusual from Barcrest and is definitely worth a play over at Slotsmagic Casino.