Pyramid – Quest for Immortality – NetEnt

Betsafe Casino has added a brand new title from NetEnt today, in the form of Pyramid – Quest For Immortality, this is an online slot that is due for official release next week on the 22nd of October, but Betsafe has it live and playable from today.

The slot is set in a Pyramid style layout with 5 reels, with the reels having an unusual formation of 3/4/5/4/3, in total this gives 720 way payline layout. With the max win being a massive 3,600,000 coins, needless to say this is a high variance slot capable of massive wins.

There is no bonus round of free spins feature in this slot, rather the base game has several unique features  that appear as you play and get wins on the slot.

Pyramid – Quest For Immortality Slot

In the base game, the slot uses an avalanche style system so that when any winning spin occurs those symbols are removed from the reels, the remaining symbols will then drop down, with new symbols appearing on the reels at the top, this will continue until no more wins are produced.

The main features to look out for whilst playing are the Wild Generations and the Avalanche Multipliers.

Wild Generations

Wild Generations occur only on reels 2/3/4 at the very top of the reels, when a player has a regular win that includes the top most symbols on reels 2,3 or 4 a Wild Generation occurs, the reels then tumble as explained before, and if more wins occur and the symbols are at the top of any of these reels a new wild is created, and the process continues.

Successive wins also raise the Multiplier value.

Avalanche Multipliers

The Avalanche Multiplier starts at 1x and gets raised by a multiplier value of 1 for every 3 successive wins on the slot, this can rise to a maximum of a 10x Multiplier, and this is where the slots win potential exists.

You can keep track of the current Multiplier level at the top right-hand corner of the slot (3 circles which record your progress on reaching the next level Multiplier). New multiplier levels gained are also announced across the screen, and when no more winning spins are produced the multiplier resets back to 1x.

The stated RTP for this slot is 96.48%, definitely approach with caution in regards to bet size as this is a high variance monster of a slot capable of producing massive wins.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot
Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot
Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot