Santa’s Wild Ride – €125,000 Tournament at 32Red

Microgaming are putting on a very nice slot tournament for the Christmas period, the tournament is up and running now and lasts until the 1st of January 2015 with a massive prize pool of €125,000, if you are unfamiliar with these kinds of tournaments then we recommend signing up to 32Red and getting the download casino option, not only does this run all the Microgaming slots a little smoother than a web based version, but it will give you access to the all the tournaments that are available including daily free roll tourneys that as the name suggest cost nothing to enter, 32Red Exclusive Tournaments as well as those across the Microgaming Platform.

There is always a massive selection of tournaments available and you can find and filter them, in the casino Game View tab, some will have free entry, others require a Buy-in, and some will also offer Re-Buy or Continue options, so its a good idea to have a quick read through the rules to make sure your aware how the tourney is going to work, there are normally several free roll tournaments avilable that run either on a daily weekly or monthly basis, but the big one in December is the Santa’s Wild Ride Tournament.

Santa’s Wild Ride Tournament

There is €125,000 worth of prizes for this this tournament shared across the 100 top scores, the entry is set to €10, but the nice feature of this particular tournaments is that the number of continues (pay extra to get more coins) is limited, you can of course re-buy into the tournament also. The limited continues means it wont simply be a case of players buying more coins to win, and everyone has a decent chance depending on how lucky they are when playing the slot, with some huge prizes on offer we think its definitely worth a roll on this Christmas, if you have yet to play any of these tournaments we suggest hunting them down in the casino and doing the daily,weekly and monthly free roll to get acquainted with how they work first! And also to check the rules of each tournament particularly the number of continues and re buys available, so you can make an informed decision if its worth joining the tournament.

Game of Thrones £5000 Promotion

With the recent release of Game Of Thrones, 32Red is giving away an impressive £5000 for players playing this brand new slot game. The format is a regular promotion unlike the “Tournament” Slots talked about above.

100 players will get to share the prizes, which total £5000 worth of chips, with the leader winning the top prize of £750!.

To take part all players have to do is play the Game of Thrones slot at 32Red, you will get a shield for every £10 wagered and rise up the leaderboard, you can check on the your current leaderboard status by checking the promotions page on the 32Red website.

This promotion is now live and runs through until 23:59 on Sunday 14th December 2014.