New Online Slots Tournaments launched at Slotty Vegas Casino!

Slotty Vegas Casino has just added a brand new feature to their casino in the form of Slots Tournaments, allowing players to compete against each other in a leaderboard style format for a selection of free spins rewards and cash prizes too, along with entry to the even bigger weekend tournaments.

To keep things fair for all players there are a wide variety of entry levels (min bet sizes) each day allowing players to select tournaments that match their own budget (these are nicely highlighted as low, medium and high in terms of bet size), with the specific minimum bet levels currently ranging from 0.25 credits up to 1.00 per spin.

Slotty Vegas Casino Tournaments

Joining the Slotty Vegas Tournaments

To take part in any of the Slotty Vegas tournaments you simply need to load up the relevant online slot and start spinning, it’s worth checking out the tournament information first however as this will include important information such as,

  • The tournament format – Most are currently RTP based
  • The minimum number of spins required to qualify on the leaderboard
  • The min bet size required
  • The prize pool which can include free spins, super spins and weekend qualifier tickets!

Slotty Tournaments List

The current tournaments are using the Highest RTP (Return to Player) based on 20 consecutive spins, basically, you are looking for 20 consecutive spins packed full of bonuses or big wins to do well!, the great thing about them being RTP based is that you won’t get muscled out by players betting at much larger stakes, making them fair for all players.

It’s worth noting that there is also a minimum number of spins required in order to qualify too, these generally seem to range from 200-300 spins currently so make sure to meet this requirement too while spinning!

Once you have met all the entry requirements you can keep track of your score on the leaderboards, and of course, continue playing and try to improve your score.

Weekly Final Ticket

By playing in these smaller tournaments you can also earn an entry into the Weekly Final Slot Tournaments, where a much bigger prize pool including cash and high value free spins are on offer, so plenty of good reasons to check out this new feature at Slotty Vegas Casino.