Tower Quest Slot Play’n Go

Play’n Go has released a very interesting promotional video for their forthcoming release Tower Quest, this slot is heavily influenced from sources such as Magic the Gathering as well as Dungeons and Dragons, there is even a mini bonus card game with dice rolls built into the slot, along with a whole host of other great features.

Tower Quest slot is a standard 5-reel video slot with 20 fixed paylines. The slot features a stacked wild symbol (The dark tower), two different free spin scatter symbols (the red flask and the blue flask) and a bonus scatter symbol (the evil wizard).

In the base game you collect the flasks which can be seen on the left and right of the slot, and its up to the player to choose when to activate these bonus rounds, the more flasks you collect the better the bonus round that can be activated, you can see on the screenshots below the various options available for collecting the red and blue flasks.

Three bonus scatter symbols appearing on the reels trigger the bonus game. During the bonus game you play a game of cards against the evil wizard. This is a simplistic card game where they do battle against each other card for card in a vertical fashion.

Each card has an attack and health value, defeating each card awards a prize and also inflicts 1 damage on the card holder. Rolling the same value on two or more of the dice leads to a special attack which deals 1 damage to each enemy card as well as the enemy player.

If you or the wizard manages to roll the same value on all three dice then the super power will activate, which will double the attack value of that player’s cards. This bonus round finishes when either the player or the Wizards health reaches zero.

Collecting the flasks gives the player three separate bonus rounds for each colour, once you totally fill up the vials the scatter symbols are still collected and used to build up the next free spin features.

Blue Flask features

Level 1 – THE TOWER: Reel 3 is wild for 1 free spin and multiplies all wins by 2.

Level 2 – BATTLE OF THE WILDS: The five highest paying normal symbols are temporary wilds for 1 free spin.

Level 3 – TOWERS OF DARK POWER: Reels 1, 3 and 5 are all wild for 1 free spin.

Red Flask features

Collecting 10 red flasks will unlock the first red free spin feature level. Collect 20 red flask symbols to unlock the second red free spin feature level or collect 30 red flask symbols to unlock the third and final red free spin feature level.

Level 1 – EMPOWERED WILDS: All wild wins are multiplied by 3 for 5 free spins.

Level 2 – WILD ADVENTURERS: The two highest paying normal symbols are wild for 5 free spins.

Level 3 – EVERBURNING WILDS: A sticky wild is added on the reels at the start of each spin for 5 free spins.

It should also be noted that flask collection is also stored between game sessions so you can pick up your game whenever you want.

The RTP (Return to player) for this slot is 96.24%. Check out the promotional trailer and screenshots below to get more details on this slot, we exepct a release date of April the 7th.

Tower Quest Slot Play
Tower Quest Slot Play
Tower Quest Slot Play
Tower Quest Slot Play