Casumo Progressive Jackpots

Casumo Jackpots, 4-Tier Progressive Jackpots Now Available Exclusively to Casumo Players!

Casumo Casino has just added a brand new feature to their casino that should appeal to players who already enjoys playing Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot slots.

The Jackpot system added to Casumo casino is a 4 tiered progressive jackpot available exclusively to their (opted-in) Casumo players!

These jackpots are not tied to any specific slots, although there is currently a pool of 24 slots to which these features can be opted in and played on.

The Mega Jackpot starts at a whopping £90,000 and this is sure to be rising quickly being a fresh new feature for players at the casino.

The big difference here is that the casino itself provides the progressive jackpot system rather than, say, a Mega Moolah jackpot that Microgaming would handle and could be Multi-Network.

This simple new feature gives players an extra chance to win cash prizes whilst playing on some of their most popular slots,

In their press release, the following info was revealed about this new Jackpot system.

Ka-chingggg! Now isn’t that a beautiful sound to hear? Those are our brand new Casumo Jackpots enabling us to offer a 4-tier Progressive Jackpot on top of 24 of our most popular games. So that’s 4 exclusive jackpots that could get triggered by any spin! All you need to do is play any of the qualifying top slots to grab your chance to land a Mini, Minor, Major or Mega Jackpot. Please note: by opting-in you agree to an additional fee of €0,10 on each spin.

This new system is available to players from the following locations – UK, NZ, NO, SE, FI, IE, CA, IN, AT, JP, ROW (Euro €), ROW (Dollar $)

Terms Apply  – 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly –

How to Join the Casumo Jackpot Feature

How to Join the Casumo Progressive Jackpots

Once you have registered at Casumo Casino, you are then able to opt-in to Casumo Jackpots Feature.

Players must OPT-IN to participate in the Casumo Jackpot feature and then play any specially selected slots currently valid for this new feature.

The list of eligible slots for the Casumo Jackpots can vary based on game availability and from where you are playing.

To see the full list of eligible slots, please refer to the casino promotions section of their website.

  • Make sure you have opted into this feature
  • Load up any of the eligible slots
  • Play as normal and make sure the toggle for this mode is on

Jackpots Come at a Cost

Players should be aware that this feature does come with a cost to activate, and this is deducted every game round as an additional bet to your current stake on a slot.

At the time of writing, this  Jackpot bet feature costs £0.09 per spin. It is not related to your bet size on the eligible slots. The value is fixed.

There is no upper limit on progressive jackpot values, and they can be won at any anytime on any spin!

The Jackpot Mechanics

The Casumo Jackpots contains Mega, Major, Minor and Mini jackpots.

The Following Contributions are made from each bet:

  • 20% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Mini Jackpot.
  • 20% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Minor Jackpot.
  • 35% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Major Jackpot.
  • 25% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Mega Jackpot.

After a Jackpot is Won

When a Jackpot is won, the start-up value for the next Jackpot is:

  • Mini: 4 GBP
  • Minor: 18 GBP
  • Major: 450 GBP
  • Mega: 90,000 GBP

The RTP of the Jackpot is 80%.

The RTP of the eligible games is completely separate and does not affect the Jackpot. The RTP of the related games may differ, please see the game rules in each Eligible Game for its RTP value.

If you need further clarification on RTP, then be sure to check out our complete RTP guide.

Terms Apply  – 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly –