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Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold Slot

VideoSlots Casino has just added the brand new Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold slot to their casino, this a brand new colossal reel slot from Barcrest that manages to incorporate all of the normal features such as Big Bet Mode found in many Barcrest slots along with the classic Rainbow Riches theme into a colossal reel slot which have previously been made by WMS.

Needless to say Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold is packed with lots of different features and bet modes, and during big bet mode extra bonuses such as expanding wilds in the base game can rack up some decent wins, in it’s basic form the new Rainbow Riches slot plays like a regular colossal reel slot with only fully wild reels landing on the main reel set being transferred over to the colossal reels, big bet mode however changes all of that.

On loading the slot you can choose to play in normal mode which starts at 0.50 credits per spin to play the full 100 paylines, this can be adjusted by raising or lowering the stake on the bottom left-hand side, or you can choose to play the game in Big Bet Mode which is basically 5 linked spins of the reels which cost a premium to do (you are still playing at a small line bet) but adds a lot more functionality to the slot adding enhanced bonus features such as expanding wilds and an much easier to trigger main bonus round.

Play Big Bet Mode or Not?

The choice of which mode to select is entirely you own decision to make, but it’s worth noting that there are some fairly big RTP (Return to Player) differences for each mode which we have summarised below.

  • Normal Mode – less than 2.00 credit spin – RTP = 94%
  • Normal Mode – greater than or equal to 2.00 credit spin – RTP = 96%
  • Big Bet Modes RTP = 98%

The Big Bet Modes  start at 10.00 Credits for 5 spins, with the most expensive Big Bet mode costing  25.00 Credits but adding further functionality such as Mega Expanding Wilds, Mega Bonus Pick Me, and the Mega Super Spins Trail.

We definitely recommend taking this slot for spin in play mode first , so that you understand just how Big Bet works, and how the varying levels of the Big Bet add extra bonus features to the slot.

Rainbow Riches - Reels of Gold slot base game
Rainbow Riches - Reels of Gold slot fairy bonus
Rainbow Riches - Reels of Gold slot big bet mode
Rainbow Riches - Reels of Gold slot bonus trigger
Rainbow Riches - Reels of Gold slot free spins
Raindbow Riches - Reels of Gold slot base game

Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold Slot – Bonus Features

Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold is literally packed with bonuses and additional features, we will try to briefly summarise all of them but we definitely recommend taking this slot for spin, even if just in play mode to get a feel for it.

Fairy Bonus

During any spin in either the base game or the free spins the Fairy Bonus can Trigger, you will see her pop-up in the top left of the slot when this has triggered (there is a tease element to this feature too where she will pop up and disappear again!).

The Fairy can grant lots of different bonuses to the spin currently in progress,

  • Magic Wilds – Block of wilds added to the reels that move up and down on reels before sticking in place.
  • Wild Burst – Butterflies added to the reels which fly around and then land as wild symbols.
  • Magic Symbols – Any low paying “card” symbols are transformed into Wishing Wells, these are then all transformed into 1 matching symbol.
  • Multipliers – A multiplier value is added to the win ranging from 2x up to 5x.
  • Super Wild Stacks – Wild symbols landing on the main reel set fill the reels and are also transferred to the corresponding colossal reel.
  • Balloon Bonus – If 2 balloons (Scatter Symbol) land on the reels the fairy may add a 3rd to trigger the free spins
  • Reel Win Shuffle – The fairy will shuffle the reels up or down to create new wins on the reels

Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold Free Spins

Landing 3 or more of the Balloon Scatter symbols on reels will trigger the free spins modes, there is a total of 6 scatters possible for the maximum bonus trigger (3 on each reel set) and additional scatters greater than 3 will grant extra picks in the bonus round (more free spins).

The free spins mode then plays out with only partial stacks of wild symbols required on the main reel sets, if any wild symbols land on the main reel set they are first turned into wild reels, then transferred onto the colossal reels as a wild reel too.

If you decide to play in Big Bet Mode, then you can collect 5 of the Balloon Scatter symbols during the 5 linked spins, you can of course trigger the bonus round normally (3 or more Scatters in 1 spin) and by collecting 5 Balloon Scatters over the 5 linked spins and you will actually play out 2 sets of free spins if this is done during Big Bet Mode.

Free Spins Gamble Mode

The Rainbow Riches slot of course has an interesting gamble mode, where players can risk the free spins they have won by gambling on the “pies”, by looking at the green sections of these “pies” you can see the chances of winning the gamble.

Be aware if you lose any of these gambles the bonus round ends, but you can also gamble your win up to a total of 100 free spins.

Overall Thoughts on Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold

Rainbow Riches – Reels of Gold is a great addition to the Big Bet range of slots from Barcrest, the slot is literally packed with features and things can get very interesting if you decide to play on Big Bet Mode, but just make sure you have a starting balance to give the slot a proper play.

The main disappointment however once again with this slot is the user interface from WMS/Barcrest, we are seeing lots of slot developers move towards a desktop and mobile friendly games releasing just 1 multi-platform version, but playing this game on a Desktop PC is somewhat frustrating, especially if you are a fan of manually spinning the slot as the spin buttons all hide from the game during every single spin, which we found really frustrating and slow to play.

With that said though the new Rainbow Riches appears to be a very fun slot to play (no monster wins in our playtests though!), and we definitely like the fact that the Big Bet mode has made its way onto a colossal reel set slot.