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Super Heroes Slot new from Yggdrasil

Casino Heroes has just added the brand new Super Heroes slot from Yggdrasil Gaming to their casino, the Super Heroes slot is a regular 5×3 reel 20 fixed payline slot that has lots of bonus features and a unique free spins bonus round where the Super Heroes grow in power the more frequently they appear.

Central to the game is the band of Super Heroes called Mirage, Raven, Hopper, Tesla, Trance, and Knox who can all appear during the base game and the free spins round enhancing the reels with a variety of different features that include Wild Reels, Multipliers, Coins Wins, Extra symbols and much more.

Super Heroes Slot Base Gameplay

During base game play the Super Heroes feature can activate on any spin, with 2 randomly selected heroes appearing at each side of the reels and performing their own unique special ability on the reels.

The really interesting part to these Super Heroes abilities are they come in a variety of different power levels, ranging from a level 1 ability right up to level 4, and when the special feature is something like Wild Reels things can get exciting and rewarding very fast.

Triggering the main free spins bonus round is done by landing 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels, additional scatters leads to more free spins.

  • 3 Scatter symbols award 4 Free Spins.
  • 4 Scatter symbols award 5 Free Spins.
  • 5 Scatter symbols award 7 Free Spins.
Super Heroes Slot base game
Super Heroes Slot free spins
Super Heroes Slot big win

Super Heroes Slot – Free Spins Round

Once the bonus round is triggered things really start to pick up with the special Super Heroes abilities, during each free spin 2 heroes are chosen at random with their special ability starting at level 1, if they are randomly chosen on any of the further free spins then their abilities will increase by 1 power level each time they appear up to the maximum level 4.

Below is a summary of all the special abilities,

  • Mystery Win: All high paying symbols award mystery coin wins up to 1000 coins win.
  • Wild Reels: between 1-4 Wild Reels based on the power level.
  • Random Wilds: 2-5 wild symbols added to the reels based on power level.
  • Random Symbol: Replace 2-5 high or low paying symbols on the reels based on power level.
  • Win multiplier: Multiplier on x2 up to x5 based on power level
  • Extra Free Spins: 1-4 Extra Free Spins added based on current power level.

The interesting part of this bonus round is how the special abilities grow stronger as the special abilities are used more often, add to this that you can gain additional free spins during the bonus round and this creates a rather unique and interesting bonus round where the bonus will become much more rewarding the longer it goes on.

Overall Thoughts on the Super Heroes Slot

Overall a really polished slot release from Yggdrasil, with a great CGI intro for the characters, polished graphics and sound effects along with a unique free spins bonus round that should play quite differently each time you trigger it, there’s plenty of good reasons to check out the new Super Heroes Slot.

With an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.1% the slot should offer some decent playtime with sensible bets, and in out playtests we found Super Heroes to be a low-medium variance slot, the main excitement and win potential is definitely going to be from the main bonus round with some of the better abilities levelled up to power level 4.