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We Explore the Ice Wolf Slot From ELK in Search of the Crazy 50x Multipliers!

Mr Green Casino has just added the latest slot from ELK Studios titled Ice Wolf which is an unusual  6×3 reel slot with an addtional 6×3 reels above it that are initially frozen solid but will also come into play after scoring wins on the regular base reels below.

The backstory to this slot is that you are climbing a mountain to reach the infamous Ice Wolf peak hence the frozen reels, chilly setting and of course wolves.

Whilst Ice Wolf doesn’t come with a regular triggerable bonus round there are a number of special features built into this slot that certainly makes it feel like a bonus round when they do occur.

The first point worth noting is that this slot is packed with insane win potential (up to 2500x stake!), as you spin the reels and start to land winning combination you will notice a variety of special modifiers above the reels being held in place, these can include wild symbols, multipliers up to 50x! and extra spins. However, all of these special features will only become active once the ice has been fully removed from that particular reel.

The regular hit frequency of this slot also seems quite low, so it’s worth taking note that you should expect lots of dead spins and adjust your bet size accordingly if you really want to give this slot a fair chance of seeing its full potential, ELK has pitched this as an 8/10 volatility rating and you really do need to be patient with the dead spins to fully appreciate this title.

As well as all of the unlockable bonuses on the top of the reels there is also a Wolfpack feature, which is triggered by the special wolf symbol landing in view, this will clear out a reel of ice fully and replace all symbols with wilds for that spin.

Ice Wolf really comes to life once you have started to chip away at the upper reel sets ice, increasing the number of winning ways on the reels, adding extra multipliers to your wins, extra wilds and even extra spins to help out too.

Check out the gameplay video below to get a better understanding of how this particular slot machine plays.

Ice Wolf Slot – Gameplay and Bonus Features

Ice Wolf Slot – Technical Summary
Paylines729-74088 ways
Free SpinsNo
Re-Trigger Bonus RoundRespins
Special Features

Increasing Winning Ways
Added WIlds
RTP (Return To Player)96.10%

Special Features

Ice Wolf Reels

There are 3 sections of reels to the Ice Wolf Slot, the regular 6×3 base game is where you need to score wins initially to start shattering the ice on the upper reels and bringing them into play, with any newly uncovered symbols also counting towards any wins.

The Uppermost reel set contains a mixture of Wild symbols, Multipliers (up to 50x) and Re-Spin symbols, these will be held in place when they land in view, but will only activate fully once the ice has been completely cleared from that particular reel.

No winning spins reset the ice fully unless a re-spin symbol has been cleared on a reel and gives you one further chance of landing new wins.


The Wolfpack feature is activated when the special Ice Wolf symbol lands in view in a non-frozen position on the reels, the wolfpack will then clear out these reels of ice fully on the next spin travelling north and adding wilds to the reel for that spin which can realluy help to clear out further sections of ice.

Ice Wolf Slot

Overall Opinions

The Ice Wolf Slot is another cracking slot release from ELK Studios, nothing totally new but a well thought out of mix of bonus features that really do interact well together, the 50x multipliers may be super rare but even with a couple of 2x and 3x multipliers this slot is more than capable of producing some huge wins!

For players unaware the number of dead spins in the base game may take you by surprise, the hit frequency on this slot is quite low, so you definitely need to bet accordingly and be patient to really give this slot a fair chance, but once the ice starts getting removed from the reels, the winning ways increase and multipliers and wilds come into play this slot really comes to life.

In our playtests, we had lots of cumulative wins well over 200x stake and obviously lots more potential with just a couple of the lower value (2x, 3x) multipliers forming part of these wins, realistically these lower value multipliers tend to be more frequent, certainly saw enough 5x and 10x multipliers also to keep us very interested, with the very occasional 50x multiplier being held in position too.

Ice Wolf is definitely not going to appeal if you can’t handle a slot with lots of non-winning spins, you will need to be patient to see how exciting this machine can be once the ice starts to get removed the winning ways are then increased and multiplier and wilds are held in position.

Well worth a try if you like big win potential though!

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