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Mental Slot Review and Playtest (NoLimit City)

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Strap Yourself in or Get a Mad Doctor to Do It for You,  as We Take on the Mental Slot From NoLimit City!

We are always excited when a new NoLimit City slot is released. This aptly named title Mental, promises to be just that, in terms of the theme/location, music, disturbing graphic animations and overall win potential!

Rizk Casino will be adding the Mental slot on release day, the 31st of August 2021, along with loads more of our recommended casinos with a full catalogue of NoLimit City slots.

Mental Slot Theme

The backstory for this slot is a particularly dark theme. Located in an abandoned mental institute, filled with deadly spiders and scorpions and some very dark "testing" going on, with numbered patients receiving some very sinister treatments, including lobotomies.

Reel symbols include things like a pair of lungs, brains, hearts, dead patients, body parts (you get a general idea!).. so if you are particularly squeamish, this slot may not sound very appealing, our "patient slot advice" is that you should seek out some cartoon styled fluffy bunny slots immediately!

With a complete design focus on being Mental, this slot has a dark, twisted theme and a haunting, eerie soundtrack. Definitely don't neglect the soundtrack as it adds to the immersion here!

It comes with so many special features and modifiers that, with a maximum win of 66,666x stake (Simulations: 1 in 18 Million spins), fits the game title perfectly!

It's no joke that trying to communicate how this slot works effectively will probably leave us feeling a bit mental afterwards! This is quite possibly the most feature-packed release from No Limit we have ever reviewed and took us some time to grasp fully.

There are many mini-features that all interact with each other, multiple free spins bonus rounds that can be triggered and upgraded, and some insane bonus buy options in countries where this is allowed!

Base Gameplay - Mini-Feature Overload!

The base game in Mental takes place on  5 reels with alternating reel sizes (3, 2, 3, 2, 3) in what can only be described as the backdrop to a torture chamber. With no modifiers in play, this gives you a starting 108 ways to win payline structure.

During every spin, you can almost guarantee this will be increased to a much higher number of ways and multiplier values which in essence act like additional ways too. Given its super high variance, there is a hit frequency of 34.19% but without big paying symbols, don't expect base gameplay to be too forgiving here. If you aren't hitting frequent bonus rounds, the base game will take a chunk out of you over time.

If that wasn't enough to try and work out, there are also 3 unique free spins rounds on offer, Autopsy Free spins, Lobotomy Free spins, and the equivalent of a 5 scatter trigger bonus round Mental Free spins round, along with the ability to upgrade your free spins during the bonus round!

Features that have been used on previous NoLimit City slots are all present here, so you can expect xWays, xSplit and xNudge along with additional features such as Fire Frames, Dead Patient, Mental Transform and Enhancer Cells all working together to increase the ways, multipliers and giving this slot the insane winning potential when things line up nicely.

Honestly, the sheer number of interactions in the base game and free spins can feel a little overwhelming, but we will break down all of these mini-features later so you can understand what each small feature is doing at a glance!

It may not help you fully understand this slot without playing it first. Testing for yourself in demo mode is definitely recommended here, but we will try!

Terms Apply  - 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

Gameplay and Bonus Features

Mental Slot - Promotional Video

Mental Slot - Desktop Gameplay

Mental Slot - Mobile Gameplay

Mental Slot - Technical Summary
Paylines108 ways to win, up to 20 rows (expanding reels)
Variance/VolatilityVery High
Free SpinsYes
Re-Trigger Bonus RoundExtra Spins
Special Features

Autopsy Free spins
Lobotomy Free spins
Mental Free spins
RTP (Return To Player)96.08% or 94.20% in DX1 Version
Game ProviderNoLimit City
Release Date31/08/2021

Mental Slot - Special Features, Symbols and Bonuses

Base Game

Scorpion Symbol

The base gameplay is anything but standard with many special features adding additional ways that can interact together, along with the ability to gain additional multipliers too on high paying symbols.

Needless to say, amongst all of the confusion, the wins are nicely highlighted on the reel from left to right, so even if you aren't aware of exactly what's going on, you can still see the wins!

Spider Symbol

However, the main symbols to look out for are the  3 Scorpion symbols and 2 Spider symbols. The Scorpion symbols effectively act as scatters, and the spider symbols, if landed in addition, will trigger the more potent versions of the free spins rounds, Lobotomy and Mental versions.

Given that the bonus buys for the Mental Free Spins costs 1000x stake to buy, you should be very excited if you manage to land this from regular base gameplay!

A whole host of mini-features can activate on each spin, and several will interact with each other such as the Fire Frames being a requirement for the Enhancer Cells

  • Fire Frames Feature
    Occurs frequently, with anywhere from  1 to 13 random positions on the reels being given a fire frame that will split a symbol into two parts. The fire frames basically are a simple additional ways mechanic with matching symbols.
  • Dead Patient Feature
    Whenever you land 2 Dead Patient symbols on the reels, there is a chance to be given a random multiplier - these can be from a range of values that include 5x, 10x, 15x, 30x, 50x, 100x, x300x, 500x, 1,000x, or 9,999x.
  • Enhancer Cells Feature
    Increases the chance of wins whenever 4 or 6 fire frames appear. These add boosters that can include xWays, xNudge, xSplit, along with other boosters (see below).
  • Mental Transform Feature
    Whenever the Spider symbol lands on the reels, a Symbol transform feature can occur.
Fire Frames

Fire Frames

Mental Slot Special Features

xWays xSplit xNudge Features

Mental Transform Feature

Mental Transform Feature

Enhancer Cells

Enhancer Cells

Enhancer Cell Random Feature Options

When triggered the Enhancer cells reveal a variety of different features similar to previous NoLimit City slots,

  • Patient Symbol: One of the 5 high paying patient symbols.
  • Dead Patient: The dead patient symbol.
  • Wild: The standard wild symbol.
  • xWays: Reveals 3 of the same symbol, but not Scorpion, Spider, or Dead Patient symbols.
  • xSplit: Splits 1 symbol on each reel to double those symbols, then splits itself into 2 wilds.
  • xNudge: A wild reel that nudges to be fully visible on the reel. For each nudge the wild takes to be fully visible, the multiplier increases by +1

Bonus Buy Feature

Mental wouldn't be mental without some crazy bonus features, so players in countries where this feature is allowed can look forward to a variety of bonus buy options that are priced bet on the current bet size.

Be very careful with the random feature are you could end up paying a premium cost for a very regular bonus round. Whilst the RTP values are all very similar, recognise that these are tested over millions of bonus buys, and you will not be doing this, especially on the 1000x stake, Mental Bonus Buy Option.

  • Autopsy Free Spins (8-11 free spins) 80 x stake 96.12% RTP
  • Lobotomy Free Spins (9-13 free spins) 230 x stake 96.42% RTP
  • Mental Free Spins (10-15 free spins) 1,000 x stake 96.74% RTP
  • Random Feature  (1 of the 3 features listed above) 232 x stake 96.51% RTP

The range in the free spins is dependant on whether the Spider or Scorpion symbols land inside a Fire Frame on the triggering spin.

Free Spins Rounds

Mental Slot Logo

There are 3 different free spins bonus rounds on offer in Mental. These all require 3 scatters to trigger, and then for the upgraded versions, either 1 or 2 of the Spider symbols too.

It is also possible to upgrade the free spins modes during the bonus round, by landing the special Spider Symbols.

Autopsy Free spins

Activated by 3 Scorpion Scatter symbols and will trigger a bonus mode with sticky Fire Frames.

Starts with at least 8 free spins with extra spins awarded for landing the Scorpion Scatter in a Fire Frame on the triggering spin.

This mode can be upgraded to the Lobotomy or Mental Free spins.

Autopsy Freespins

Lobotomy Free spins

Activated by 3 Scorpions plus one  Spider symbol.

This bonus is an upgraded version of the Autopsy free spins, where the Spider symbol is sticky throughout the bonus round and awards the Mental Transform for each spin.

This bonus round can be upgraded to Mental Free spins.

Lobotomy free spins

Mental Free spins

Mental Free Spins Loading Screen

The "Mental" round is the ultimate bonus feature on this slot and is triggered by 3 Scorpion symbols and 2 spider symbols, effectively what I may normally call a 5 scatter trigger. Still, on this slot, there are 2 symbol types.

Both of the Spider symbols are sticky during the entire bonus round, and the Dead Multipliers never decrease in value when they transfer to a Patient either.

Mental free spins

Given that these multipliers are the key to the biggest wins (can grow to 9999x Multipliers), triggering this feature alone is a huge deal!

5 Scatter Trigger for the Mental Bonus Round

Maximum Win Cap

If you are an incredibly lucky player and manage to achieve the win cap you will be rewarded with a special animation !!! This is Mental !!!  for achieving the 66,666x maximum win cap!

It didn't take players long to achieve the maximum win on this machine (day one of release), and you can watch the replay from inside the Mental slot of the first maximum win for a real money player! (Link loads up the nolimit city website to replay the game round)


The paytable below is based on a €4 bet Size and shows the various wins for all of the high paying Patient symbols. The patient symbols are ominously referred to only as Patient 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5!

Factor in that these values do not include any modifiers such as the Multipliers, which can reach up to 9999x and win caps can be achieved with multiple 50x Multipliers!

Mental Slot  - FAQ's

What is the Mental Slot RTP?2021-08-31T14:10:42+01:00

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) of the Mental Slot is 96.08% which is about average for similar slots, there is a second DX1 Version with a reduced RTP of 94.20%.

What is the Mental Slot MAX win?2021-08-31T14:07:56+01:00

The theoretical maximum win for the Mental Slot is 66,666 x Stake, (Simulations: 1 in 18M spins) this is a win cap and if reached you are presented with a !!This is mental!!! and the game round will end.

Mental Slot Final Review

Final thoughts on the Mental Slot (NoLimit City)

Well, there is no argument that Mental is the perfect name for this slot. The theme is about as dark and twisted as you can get in an online slot, with the original release date already shifted back once because it was deemed too dark!

If you can stomach the dark sepia theme and have a love for super high variance slots, then you will quickly fall in love with the potential on this machine, with maximum wins already recorded on release day (which you can replay from the slot leaderboard section in-game). The slot does come with an Extreme (10) rating from NoLimit. Given they always produce big-hitting slots, you can expect extreme to mean that literally!

We do have mixed feelings about the gameplay. It feels similar to the previous NoLimit slots with all the x-mechanics at work but possibly with too many mini-features interacting simultaneously,  feeling almost overwhelming trying to decipher what is actually going on. Whilst you aren’t ever going to complain about a huge win, it is nice to be able to see it forming and know why!

We love that considerable time has been spent on the theme, creepy music, and the multiple free spins rounds, along with the ability to upgrade these as they play out, with the Mental bonus round being a truly rewarding feature if you are lucky enough ever to land it or upgrade to it with a decent number of spins remaining.

The potential of both the Lobotomy and Mental free spins should be enough to convince most slot players to give it a whirl. The gameplay is fine but can seem too complicated, where you are unable to work out the wins until it’s presented to you highlighted that something good occurred!

Mental is great overall as a new slot release, but on a personal note, not our favourite NoLimit City slot, which is still probably Deadwood. The quality is always very high with NoLimit City slots, so whilst I may appear critical, it’s still an all-around fantastic machine.

Disagree with our review rating? Feel free to add your own rating out of 5 for this slot if you have played it!

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Terms Apply  - 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

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Terms Apply  - 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

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