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Evil Goblins xBomb Slot Review and Playtest (NoLimit City)

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Goblins, Explosions and Big Wins, What's Not to Like in the New Evil Goblins xBomb Slot From NoLimit City!

Evil Goblins xBomb is the latest xBomb slot release from NoLimit City, with a distinctively almost Warhammer like feel to the visual design. These mischievous goblins are set to be released to casinos on the 12th of October 2021, with Rizk Casino being our recommended casino for you to check out his new big-hitting slot.

Players can make initial comparisons to No Limit's very popular Fire in the Hole slot in terms of slot features. There are plenty of additional and new interactions on Evil Goblins that make it well worth exploring too.

xBomb is undoubtedly one of our favourite mechanics and was put to great use in the Das xBoot slot, and there are a few explosive features courtesy of the goblins that combine very well here too!

Base Gameplay

The base game in Evil Goblins takes place on a regular 6x3 reel layout and uses a "ways" payline system. A relatively typical cascading wins system is in place, with symbols being removed from the reels when wins occur and new ones dropping into place. Each spins starts with 729 ways to win, but this can increase as well.

The goblins that loiter above the reels are ready to blow up symbols when matching versions appear on the reels beneath them, replacing regular goblins for wilds, and features such as Evil 4 when all the goblins match each other introduce additional multipliers into the mix. There are three unique wilds at play on this machine which we will break down in the slot features section.

The xBomb feature, which explodes symbols on the reels, will also add to the rows on this slot, growing up to 7 rows in height and adding multiplier values simultaneously.

The cumulative effect of this feature is increased winning ways and way more chances of multiple tumbling wins on future spins.

With multipliers also added from this xBomb feature and the Evil 4 and the Resurrected Wilds, the wins can get multiplied to ridiculous values in just one good hit when a few of these features combine in one spin.

It wouldn't be a NoLimit slot without a delicious win cap, and this release sets the bar to 31,969x stake (All Hail the King), with two unique free spins rounds, Fresh Meat Spins and Goblins Feast Spins and the ability to upgrade during play the most volatile and potent version!

The base game potential is present with crazy interactions of all these features, with several wins well over 100x stake in our playtests. The free spins rounds are where the volatility and full potential of this slot are typically realised.

The usual three scatters symbols are required, which can land in one spin or even after several cascading ones. There are a few caveats to triggering the most volatile Goblins Feast Spins version, but we will break these down later.

Want to check out Evil Goblins on release day (12th Oct 2021)? Then head over to Rizk Casino who have the entire catalogue of NoLimit City online slots on offer at their casino!

Terms Apply  - 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

Gameplay and Bonus Features

Evil Goblins Slot - Promotional Video

Evil Goblins Slot - Desktop Gameplay

Evil Goblins Slot - Mobile Gameplay

Evil Goblins xBomb Slot - Technical Summary
Paylines729 ways+
Variance/Volatility Very High (Extreme 10/10 Volatility)
Free SpinsYes
Re-Trigger Bonus RoundExtra Spins
Special Features

Goblin Sacrifice
Resurrection Wilds
Evil 4
Fresh Meat Spins
Goblins Feast Spins
Max Win31,969x bet (~1 in 55M spins)
Win 100x bet1 in 788 spins
Free spins Trigger1 in 191 spins
RTP (Return To Player)96.14% Default
94.28% DX1 Version
Min Bet0.20 EUR
Max Bet100 EUR
Hit Frequency~2 in 5 spins
Game ProviderNoLimit City
Release Date12/10/2021
Evil Goblins Slot Logo

Evil Goblins - Special Features, Symbols and Bonuses

The first feature which needs breaking down into understandable sections is the various types of wild symbols on offer in Evil Goblins, with three distinct versions in the slot that all behave slightly differently.

Regular Wild Symbol

The standard Wild Symbol in Evil Goblins can regularly appear on the reel, or they can be produced from the goblins above the reels, when matching goblin symbols appear beneath them, these symbols are then converted into wild symbols.

Evil Goblins Wild Symbol

Evil Goblins Wild Symbol

Goblin Sacrifice Feature

If the goblin on top of the reels matches any symbols that land in view, this will trigger the Goblin Sacrifice feature.

A grenade is thrown onto the reels and this matching symbol is converted into a wild.

Goblin Sacrifice Feature

Goblin Sacrifice Feature

Dead Wild Symbol

The Dead Wild symbols appear on the reels during spins. They do nothing apart from block wins and take up space on the reels when they land singularly. Think of them almost like a scatter symbol in kind.

However, if three or more of these symbols land in view on the reels or after cascading wins, this then triggers the Resurrection Wilds feature.

Evil Goblins Dead Wild Symbol

Evil Goblins Dead Wild Symbol

Resurrection Wilds

Resurrection Wild Symbols trigger when three or more of the Dead Wild symbols land in view. The last Wild symbol to land will also have a significant multiplier attached to it. The value of this depends on how many Dead Wilds were resurrected.

  • 3 Resurrection Wilds: x11 multiplier
  • 4 Resurrection Wilds: x33 multiplier
  • 5 Resurrection Wilds: x55 multiplier
Evil Goblins Resurrected Wild Symbol

Evil Goblins Resurrected Wild Symbol

xBomb Symbol

The Evil Goblins xBomb Symbol is an explosive barrel. When this lands on any reel, it removes all symbols except Scatter
symbols, Dead Wilds and Resurrection Wilds and also increases the win multiplier by +1x each time.

For each xBomb symbol that lands, a row will also be added. This can go up to 7 rows in height and increase the number of symbols present on the reels and the winning ways.

Evil Goblins xBomb Symbol

Evil Goblins xBomb Symbol

Evil 4 Feature

The Evil 4 feature is triggered when all goblins at the top of the reels are the same. You will notice the throned goblin that sits on reel one will then add a 4x Multiplier or, in essence, make the symbols count as four versions of this symbol.

These multipliers will also increase by 1x each time a matching goblin appears on the top reel!

Essentially this is a randomly triggered feature that can add a further multiplier into the mix and is also the key for starting the Goblin Feast Spins bonus round.

Evil 4 Feature

Evil 4 Feature

Free Spins Rounds

Bad Bonus Round End Result Screen

Fresh Meat Spins

The Fresh Meat Spins are triggered from the base game by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, this can be achieved in a single spin or more likely from a succession of cascading wins where new symbols drop into view. An extra scatter awards more starting spins!

With 3 scatters you start this bonus feature with 8 free spins. The added feature here is that the Dead Wilds will appear much more frequently on each and every free spin, this makes the chances of achieving a Goblin Sacrifice (Resurrection Wilds) much higher. The xBomb symbols are also much more frequent too.

This bonus round is already quite potent but can also be upgraded to the Goblin Feast Spins if you manage to trigger the Evil 4 feature in any of the free spins.

The earlier this is achieved the better as the extra multipliers awarded in the Goblin Spins are based on remaining spins!

Explosive Bonus mode

The Explosive bonus mode is triggered if you can land 2 xBomb symbols during the trigger of any of the two bonus modes and results in a guaranteed xBomb on every spin

Goblin Feast Spins

The Goblin Feast spins feature is triggered with three or more scatters and the Evil 4 feature simultaneously or by upgrading the regular free spins during play.

An initial 4 Goblin Feast spins are awarded, and the Evil 4 multiplier feature is also active. When the same matching goblin appears on the top reel, the multiplier will increase by 1x each time, and the spins will reset to 4 spins again.

The spin reset feature may happen 4 times in total.

Explosive Goblins Feast Spins

The explosive version again requires two xBomb symbols during the trigger.

This feature, if triggered, is the same as the regular Goblins Feast Spins, but with one upgrade that is a guaranteed xBomb on every new spin!

Maximum Win Cap

The win cap on Evil Goblins is set to at 31.969x times the base bet. If you trigger a win of this amount, the game round will end, and you will be rewarded with the All Hail the King win animation.

The Max Win cap can be achieved in various game features, with some bonuses offering a much higher percentage chance as you would expect (Explosive Versions).

  • Base Game ~1 in 55M to hit.
  • Fresh Meat Spins ~1 in 290k  to hit.
  • Explosive Fresh Meat Spins ~1 in 35k to hit.
  • Goblins Feast Spins ~1 in 12k to hit.
  • Explosive Goblins Feast Spins - Less than 1 in 1k to hit.
Evil Goblins Slot - Max WIn Screen

Evil Goblins Slot - Max Win Screen

The slot has been soft released at one casino before the official worldwide launch date. The max real money win on the replay feature is currently around 7500x stake (11th Oct).

Resurrected WIlds, Evil 4 Multipliers and xBomb Multipliers are all in play in this huge win!

The Evil Goblins xBomb slot has benefitted from a pre-release at specific casinos, this has allowed them to refine the gameplay and make several tweaks to the flow of the gameplay before the official release, and as a result, there are already some very impressive game replays available that give you a taste of what this slot produces.

You can replay these wins from inside the Evil Goblins slot of these real money bonus rounds! (Link loads up the Nolimit City website to replay the game round).

UPDATE - The First Max Win Cap replay for Evil Goblins is now replayable from this replay link.

Bonus Buy Options

In countries where still permitted, there is a bonus buy option allowing you to bypass the base gameplay and jump straight into either of the main bonus features and several modified variations including the Exploding versions which of course are far more expensive and volatile.

  • Fresh Meat Spins 60x Stake
  • Explosive Fresh Meat Spins 150x Stake
  • Goblins Feast Spins 300x Stake
  • Explosive Goblins Feast Spins 666x Stake
  • Lucky Draw 181x Stake (Random Bonus Feature)
  • 2 xBombs 32x Stake


The paytable below is based on a €5 bet Size and shows the various wins for all of the high and low paying symbols on Evil Goblins.

These values do not consider any of the multipliers on offer during play, such as the Evil 4, Resurrected Wilds or xBomb Multipliers.

Evil Goblins xBomb Slot - FAQ's

What is the Evil Goblins xBomb Slot RTP?2021-10-11T15:48:28+01:00

The default theoretical average return to player (RTP) of the Evil Goblins xBomb Slot is 96.14% which is the default setting and about average compared to most other online slots.

Be aware there is also a DX1 Version of this machine with a reduced RTP set to 94.28% these values can be verified in the game rules/instructions.

What is the Evil Goblins xBomb Slot Max Win?2021-10-11T15:45:52+01:00

The theoretical maximum win for the Evil Goblins xBomb Slot is 31,969x bet, with a hit frequency tested of over billions of spins of ~1 in 55M spins. This is a hard-capped win limit that when reached results in the  All Hail the King win animation and the game round ends.

Evil Goblins xBomb Slot Review

Evil Goblins xBomb Final Opinions

The Evil Goblins xBomb slot from NoLimit City is another feature-packed big-hitting release. While the gameplay may not instantly grab your attention compared to some of their standout releases, there are enough clever mechanics interacting and win potential to make this well worth looking at.

The pre-release has benefitted this slot in several ways, with player feedback actually leading to some changes in the gameplay to make it flow better overall, something a lot of developers don’t seem to take on board, and it’s very welcome here!

The xBomb and Resurrected Wilds seem to be the critical features for the most insane wins, and when this combines with the Evil 4, things can get very silly in terms of win potential. We managed some amazing base game hits, decent regular bonuses, and some spectacular upgraded bonus rounds with the Goblin Feast spins in our playtests, with wins topping over 1000x!

Little touches like the Explosive bonus variants in both bonuses and a sad-faced set of goblins for a bad bonus round add icing onto what is already a very good cake!

If you are already a NoLimit City slot fan, then you should enjoy this. Whilst it doesn’t have the insane win potential of previous releases such as Mental or the overall cohesive and innovative features in Das xBoot, it does offer an entertaining and enjoyable slot experience in base and bonus games.

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Terms Apply  - 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

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Terms Apply  - 18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

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