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Robin Hood Prince of Tweets – Nextgen

VideoSlots Casino has just added the latest Nextgen Slot Wolfpack Pays to their online casino and is now available to play for real or play money from today, and the great news is that Nextgen Gaming has several other new online slot releases on the horizon, with the next official release coming out next week (May 18th) titled Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets.

Featuring a slightly large than normal 5×4 reel set and 40 paylines the Robin Hood slot also features the SuperBet Function, activating the SuperBet features adds additional functionality to the main mechanics of this slot, as well as increasing the slots RTP (Return To Player) too.

Robin Hood Arrow Feature

There are regular wild symbols in the game (Robin Hood) and by activating the SuperBet feature when the wild lands on the reels it will then spread to any adjacent symbols that are activated by the SuperBet function.

This has a minor effect in the base game, and of course, you are paying an extra premium for this option, but it’s during the free spins bonus round that the SuperBet function can really shine as not only the adjacent symbols turn wild, but this effect will also spread across the reels too to any other instances of these symbols.

If you have played the Miss Midas slot by Nextgen, then the mechanics of this SuperBet will seem very familiar.

Thankfully Nextgen has released a decent promotional video which shows just how the SuperBet, Free Spins Bonus round,  and Spreading Wilds feature works.

Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Slot - Nextgen
Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Slot - Nextgen
Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Slot - Nextgen
Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Slot - Nextgen

Robin Hood Bonus Round

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols triggers the bonus round and grants a number of free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols that triggered the round as follows,

  • 3 Scatter Trigger – 15 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatter Triggers – 20 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatter Trigger – 25 Free Spins

It’s also worth noting that you also re-trigger the bonus during the free spins round too!

SuperBet affects the Return To Player!

SuperBet is an additional credit bet, that not only increases the functionality of the slots main mechanic (Robin’s Arrow Feature), but this also has a significant effect on the slots overall RTP (Return to Player).

  • SuperBet  OFF – 0 Coins extra – Slot RTP – 93,383% – Princess Symbol only
  • SuperBet Level 1 – 30 Coins – Slot RTP – 95.109% – Symbols added – 3
  • SuperBet Level 2 – 80 Coins – Slots RTP – 96.965% – Symbols added – 6

As you can see from the list above, with SuperBet active at either level it has a significant impact on the slots expected RTP.

Our advice if you are planning on playing the slot would be to run it at SuperBet level 1 or higher.